Why we raised $10M to reimagine payroll

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May 10, 2023
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Today I’m excited to announce that Salsa has raised $10 million to reimagine payroll! To realize our mission of transforming the way people get paid, we’re fixing what’s kept payroll tools behind while every other piece of business software has evolved to become better and easier. 

Salsa allows software companies to embed and launch modern payroll products inside their own platforms faster and easier. This means businesses will soon be able to pay their employees inside the same tools they use to manage their employees. Think about products like: 

  • The booking system that manages hair salons and yoga studios
  • Workforce tools that manage the schedules of employees
  • The point of sale system at your local cafe or restaurant
  • A marketplace helps workers find jobs and projects
  • The shop management software used by auto repair businesses 

… all of these and more can now become the payroll provider, too. [.c-line-highlighted]And these new payroll tools won’t resemble the legacy products we’ve used in the past because they’ll be seamlessly connected to all worker data, and they’ll be tailored for the exact needs of one single industry.[.c-line-highlighted] Embedding payroll within the tools businesses already love will reshape the payroll industry and make business easier for owners and employees.

Salsa helps developers launch a payroll product the fastest, with less work. By providing the infrastructure and managing the compliance of payroll, we give platforms the ability to solely focus on launching the best product experience for their customers. These new owners of payroll will create the next generation of challenger products and usher in a host of consumer financial products leveraging wage data. By putting the building blocks of payroll in the hands of capable developers, we empower them to reimagine payroll and build the best tools for modern businesses and workforces.

At Salsa we’ve spent the past two years building infrastructure that captures the ideas, dreams, and frustrations we have from over 100 years of payroll engineering experience. Our engineers built Intuit’s Quickbooks Payroll (and a few other payroll products you’ve heard of) and have spent their careers thinking about what makes a great payroll product. We’ve built payroll. We’ve scaled it. We’ve seen it all. [.c-highlighted]Now, at Salsa, we’re building the infrastructure we wished we had all along.[.c-highlighted]

As a former SaaS platform operator, I personally thought about everything I would want in a partner and built that into our DNA. You'll notice the difference when you partner with us. In developing the product, our engineers started with infrastructure that abstracts the complexity of payroll concepts and then looked at hundreds of API examples in the market to make ours absolutely easier to learn and use. Our pre-built user interface components make launching faster and easier, but we knew what was most important was superior design, flexibility and customization than what is typically standard from API companies. This all aligns with our goal of helping platforms get a payroll product live with a single developer in weeks, not quarters or years. Simply put, Salsa is just faster and easier.

Our early customers have built products we’re proud of - with more soon to launch. Business owners are now getting tools that feel designed for their specific business, leveraging the data they’re already tracking. This eliminates manual work. This makes businesses more efficient. This gets rid of friction. Our platform partners get to solve a huge customer pain point, generate additional revenue, realize a boost in retention, and attract customers with the best all-in-one platform for their vertical. Salsa makes all of this possible through the world’s most flexible infrastructure for embedding and launching payroll quickly. We’re ready to arm more disruptors, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for payroll as we democratize the building blocks.


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