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Grow revenue and delight your customers by launching payroll–without the engineering hassle


Trusted by leading software platforms

World-class teams are increasing revenue and delighting customers with Salsa embedded payroll


Offering payroll just became simple

Delight your customers with payroll built into your platform.
We’ll delight you with an effortless product launch.

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Provide an all-in-one solution for your customers
Become indispensable. Adding a payroll solution on top of your existing features means your customers can get everything done inside their favorite platform: yours.
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Access the most modern tools and APIs on the market
We haven’t just replicated what’s out there – we’ve leveled up. Our infrastructure is faster to set up, easier to maintain, more scalable and less error-prone. Now available in the U.S. 🇺🇸 & Canada 🇨🇦.
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Launch faster, scale better
Launch your product out in the world within just a few weeks and get fast, valuable feedback from customers to keep growing.
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Get hands-on support from
dedicated experts
The Salsa team is the most experienced in the industry. We’ll be behind you every step of the way and can help you design, research and build.

Two ways to build. Endless possibilities

Our tools combine ease and flexibility with maximum customization.
No matter how you choose to build, you can launch quickly and ensure
a stellar user experience.

Salsa Express

Our fastest way to launch.
Take advantage of our highly customizable UI components to build a world-class payroll product without the engineering lift.
Salsa express

Salsa Advanced

Build your own robust experiences by consuming our APIs directly – including GraphQL and REST APIs – and create a product that’s uniquely yours.
Salsa advanced

Launch your product in a few simple steps

Get your first payroll product up and running within weeks with Salsa’s easy-to-integrate APIs and hands-on support

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1. Partner

Leverage our expertise to design your first product
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2. Integrate

Easily wire your integration with Salsa’s APIs
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3. Launch

Pilot a live product quickly, don’t spend quarters embedding
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4. Grow

Scale and offer your product to your whole customer base

Payroll's most experienced team

Clients trust in our team because we have over 200 years of
combined experience as payroll experts

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We’ve built world-class payroll products like Xero, Intuit Quickbooks Payroll, and Gusto from the ground up, capturing our learnings to create infrastructure that can do more.
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You don’t need to fall in love with payroll and compliance like we did. We designed Salsa to keep all of the complexity where it belongs: on our side of the fence.
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Whatever it takes
Our philosophy is: How can we make your work our work? We’ve even gotten on planes and embedded our own engineers in the name of getting it done, easier.
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