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Win the race for talent with a seamless payroll experience and faster pay cycles

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Benefits for staffing and EOR agencies

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Build payroll that works for you

Streamline operations with an user-friendly, automated payroll product that conforms to your workflow.

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Attract talent without compliance stress

Gain a larger pool of talent without having to worry about scaling compliance across tax jurisdictions.

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Low investment,
high ROI

Avoid the high cost of building and maintaining payroll infrastructure while reaping the same benefits.

Features you’ll love

Operations dashboards
Powerful command centers give you complete control of your payroll business.
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Flexible APIs and UI components
Build a 100%-tailored workflow, optimized for you and your customers.
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Modern pay infrastructure
Establish faster disbursements and pay schedules that delight employers and employees alike.
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Boost revenue with embedded payroll

Build your payroll product today and start seeing the benefits in weeks

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