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Offer a payroll product to drive more value for your customers while gaining revenue and better data for your platform

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Benefits for time tracking and workforce management platforms

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Eliminate manual
data entry

Provide a better product for customers by cutting out the time they waste moving data from your app to a standalone payroll provider.

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Stand out from
the crowd

Raise the bar from competitors and attract more customers by building the payroll product that exceeds customer expectations every time.

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A complete picture
of customers

Gain better data and understanding 
of how your customers use your platform to improve your product 
and increase retention.

Features you’ll love

Experience the benefits of seamless integration and customization, enhancing efficiency with automated processes and intuitive interfaces.

Flexible APIs
No need to change your data model–leverage the data you already have using our highly flexible APIs.
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Effortless compliance
Build a 100% compliant payroll product using our APIs and UI components without the heavy lifting of knowing and managing compliance.
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Full service payroll
We take care of tax filings and payments to ensure they’re completed on-time.
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Boost revenue with embedded payroll

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