Product Update: November 2023

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December 6, 2023
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🚀 Introducing our latest product updates for November! Take your product to the next level with these exciting features:

Benefit & Retirement Plans Support: Now, enjoy seamless support for a wide range of benefits and retirement policies. Our unique offering covers common use cases for small business users and mid-market segments. Control the type of benefits you want to offer, set default contributions on the employer level, or assign contributions directly to employees. Our payroll engine takes care of taxation, ensuring hassle-free management. If you're using our embeddable profiles, this feature is already available.

Adding a benefit policy with default values

Skip Pay Period
. Empowering small businesses to manage payroll flexibly, our payroll run launcher now includes an option to skip the next pay period. It is ideal for cases where businesses need to temporarily pause payroll processing. Available with our express integration.

Embeddable Worker Termination.
We've enhanced the employer profile component to streamline the process of flagging workers as terminated. Enjoy easy access to common actions without the need for additional implementation. Employers can specify termination dates, reasons, and add termination notes. Plus, with our API, track late terminations seamlessly.   

Access to the Worker termination workflow

Salsa.js Event Listener.
With added support to register listeners, your application can now communicate seamlessly with our embeddable components. Each component emits a distinct set of events, allowing you to react to changes in your application's UI as users interact with embedded components, just like in your own native experiences. You can find more details in the Salsa.js SDK documentation

Event listener documentation

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