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Mangomint was started with the belief that great software should be so intuitive and easy to use that it effectively disappears.

With this belief at the forefront, the Mangomint team has built next-generation software for the salon and spa industry and revolutionized how skincare studios, day spas, hair salons, and tattoo shops across the US and Canada manage bookings, payments, schedules, and staff shifts. Mangomint has become the ultimate source of truth for salon owners' daily operations and worker management, which created an incredible opportunity to solve another customer problem by offering payroll. 


After building a platform that simplified the hard and complex parts of running a salon business, Mangomint spotted another cumbersome pain point faced by salon owners: running payroll. Workers in the salon industry have very intricate payroll needs compared to other industries. Traditionally, it's the businesses owner that has to manually download data weekly to process hours, commissions, and tips through separate payroll systems, a time-consuming and error-prone task.

“One of the most popular features in Mangomint has actually been our payroll report. We realized that businesses were downloading all of their data every week to feed the hours, commissions, and tips into an outside payroll product. We thought that sounded like a lot of work, and we were right. It was a clunky process our salon and spa owners hated doing.”  - Daniel Lang, Co-Founder & CEO


Mangomint's goal was to integrate a seamless payroll process within its existing platform, eliminating the manual effort for owners and managers. The company wanted a solution that was easy to implement and flexible enough to cater to the complex payment structures common in the beauty and wellness industry. The challenge was not small - make it easy for Mangomint to launch by leveraging our embeddable components but also allow them to customize the components to deliver a pixel-perfect product experience and invest more in product design where desired. With Mangomint possessing a rich set of data relevant to payroll, it was also important that the product didn’t require reentry of this information, ensuring a frictionless onboarding experience.


Mangomint partnered with Salsa, and our modern and flexible infrastructure addressed their needs. With the help of Salsa Paystream APIs, Mangomint was able to easily synchronize the data from their system, converting payroll reports into inputs for payroll processing. Then, by utilizing Salsa Express configurable UI components, Mangomint launched payroll for initial pilot testing and gained valuable early customer insights, encouraging further development.

Subsequently, the team built customized interfaces using Salsa's APIs, which allowed them to tailor the solution to their unique needs. The flexibility of the Salsa components meant that Mangomint could customize the payroll run workflow, allowing them total control over the inputs required to run payroll and the ability to selectively hide data already present in their system. This streamlined and efficient user experience perfectly fit Mangomint's requirements and expedited the development process.

This hybrid approach expedited the development process, ensuring a perfect fit for Mangomint's requirements.

“We launched our first pilot customers with Salsa Express (Salsa’s configurable UI components), which saved us a lot of time and gave us some early customer insights that made us more excited to invest in payroll. With this customer pull, we built our interfaces directly with Salsa’s APIs. The flexible approach of combining our interfaces alongside pre-built UI got us to our end goal much faster. Salsa is unique in this approach: normally, it’s ‘use components’ or ‘build everything yourself’ - neither of those options would have been ideal for us.” - Dan Poineau, Co-Founder & CTO


Thanks to the partnership with Salsa, Mangomint successfully launched a payroll product specifically designed for the salon and spa industry, automating payroll processing directly within its platform. Mangomint Payroll has been well-received by salon owners, who now enjoy significantly reduced administrative workloads, allowing them to focus more on their businesses. Within the first 30 days of its launch, the payroll feature saw double-digit conversion rates among Mangomint's customer base, a testament to its ease of onboarding and immediate impact.

“Working with the Salsa team has been great. They’re passionate, deeply experienced, and great product partners who helped us visualize this product and bring it to life quickly. Salsa is truly a partnership for Mangomint, not a vendor.”  - Daniel Lang, Co-Founder & CEO

Mangomint's collaboration with Salsa has set a new standard for software solutions in the salon and spa industry. This success story highlights the importance of understanding customer needs and the benefits of embedded solutions as software platforms look to rapidly innovate and solve customer pain points. Salsa's flexible approach of combining customized interfaces alongside pre-built UI helped Mangomint achieve its end goal much faster, demonstrating the significance of partnership and not just vendor-client relationships.

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