Traumasoft solves workforce management in a high-stakes industry

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Few businesses have higher stakes and more operational complexity than emergency medical businesses such as ambulance fleet operators.

Many systems must operate in tandem to ensure crews can operate around the clock to deliver care. Traumasoft is a platform designed to manage every aspect of EMS operations. Offering a comprehensive and integrated solution, Traumasoft handles assets and revenue, integrates processes, and manages people operations seamlessly. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Traumasoft supports EMS providers in optimizing their operations so their crews can focus on what they do best: delivering urgent care in the right place at the right time - - saving lives. 


Traumasoft's customers needed a streamlined solution to manage their workforce and handle the unique aspects of emergency medical services: complex shift and overtime rules, special earning codes and more. For years, providers have relied on Traumasoft for time tracking and shift management, but the integrated experience became clunky when it came to payroll: everything had to be done in a third party system costing valuable time and money. Traumasoft wanted to solve this problem for its customers to save time, eliminate errors, and provide a more holistic experience. In addition to the challenge of launching any payroll product, Traumasoft needed a partner that was robust enough to handle the unique demands of EMS operations, and ingest worker and compensation data that were specific to the industry. 


Traumasoft partnered with Salsa to develop their advanced EMS payroll management platform. Salsa’s expertise and collaborative approach were instrumental in ensuring that the new system met the specific needs of EMS providers and integrated payroll seamlessly with existing workflows. Throughout the development process, Salsa worked closely with Traumasoft, addressing the complexities of EMS operations and ensuring that the solution was both comprehensive and user-friendly.

Salsa’s adaptable architecture allowed Traumasoft to incorporate innovative features without being limited by conventional platform constraints. Whenever Traumasoft needed to implement unique functionalities, Salsa provided the necessary support to enable each use case. This flexibility enabled Traumasoft to create a solution that unified asset and revenue management, process integration, and people operations, delivering a cohesive and efficient experience for EMS providers.Speed as important to: integration began with a looming deadline of getting a proof of concept ready to demo for a fast-approaching user conference. Using a combination of Salsa’s components helped get this off the ground early which helped get payroll off the roadmap and into customer’s configuration sets faster.

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