Empowering Latino-Owned Businesses with a Tailored Payroll Solution

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A game-changing platform for Latino-owned US businesses, providing seamless payroll, benefits, and finance solutions in their language.

Trez has emerged as a revolutionary all-in-one payroll, benefits, and finance platform tailored for the rapidly expanding segment of underserved Latino-owned businesses in the US. This innovative platform addresses the critical need for easy-to-navigate payroll, benefits, taxes, and more, all in its users' preferred language.

"In revolutionizing payroll services for Latino-owned businesses, we aim to redefine what it means to serve an industry. Beyond the numbers and the technology, it's about understanding the heartbeat of a community and creating solutions that speak directly to their aspirations and challenges. We found Salsa to be the perfect partner to work with us on this journey as they are redefining what it means to be an embedded payroll provider."

Arthur Garcia - Co Founder @Trez


In the US, where approximately 60 million Hispanic workers are employed, the payroll support systems in place are often fragmented and unreliable, largely due to language barriers.

The intricacies in payroll management and regulatory compliance add to the challenges, increasing the risk of employee misclassification. Having built its initial application with another payroll provider, Trez encountered limitations regarding flexibility and functionality. The existing embeddable components lacked the necessary granularity to fully realize their vision. They did not support multi-user access, which was crucial for their large segment of accountant power users.

Consequently, Trez sought a more hands-on and collaborative partner that could provide the detailed functionality and support required while ensuring a smooth transition that would not disrupt service to its existing customer base.


Trez partnered with Salsa, realizing the attractiveness of a partner who would build alongside them, consider their customer's unique needs, and provide a platform for creating a truly differentiated product.

This partnership was fueled by a shared vision and a personal connection to Trez's mission (we are a global and bi-lingual team with several native Spanish speakers). Understanding a primary use case of accountants needing access to multiple companies, our team built access tokens for multi-employer scenarios, and our already flexible components aligned precisely with what Trez required.

We also introduced a productized migration tool to seamlessly transition Trez's customer data, ensuring the entire customer base could be migrated and operational on the new system

[.c-highlighted]Trez's achievement underscores a clear message: [.c-text-color-purple]businesses are not just looking for a payroll service, they're seeking partners who understand and cater to their unique context and challenges.[.c-text-color-purple][.c-highlighted]

This partnership thrived on a shared vision and a personal connection to Trez's mission, with our global, bilingual team, including native Spanish speakers. Recognizing the need for accountants to access multiple companies, we developed access tokens for multi-employer scenarios, perfectly aligning with Trez's needs.

Additionally, we introduced a productized migration tool to seamlessly transition Trez's customer data, ensuring all customers could smoothly transition to the new system and continue operations without interruption.


Trez and Salsa's collaboration resulted in a successful migration and the launch of a payroll product explicitly designed for Latino-owned businesses.

By leveraging Salsa's flexible and configurable embeddable Ul components, Trez fulfilled its vision of a payroll and benefits product that genuinely meets the needs of its target demographic and currently processes millions of dollars in wages. The partnership allowed for customers' swift and efficient transition to the new platform while ensuring growth for both Trez and Salsa. Trez is breaking new ground in the vertical payroll sector, showcasing the high demand for services that resonate with the cultural and operational specifics of their clients.

"Experiencing the milestone of processing our first million in payroll was beyond rewarding, especially realizing the significant impact we're making on countless business owners and workers every week. This is just the beginning, though. Our goal is to simplify payroll for all Latino-owned businesses in the US, ensuring that our product not only meets their needs but also enhances their lives."

Arthur Garcia - Co Founder @Trez

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