A popular time tracking app now captures payroll revenue, too.

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Easyteam is the most popular time tracking application used by retailers running their businesses with Shopify’s point of sale system. Easyteam helps businesses track employee working hours and breaks quickly and compliantly inside their POS and supports advanced features such as employee-friendly mobile time clocking, geofencing, and more. Retailers also love Easyteam’s built in commission tracking and checklists that help capture all the steps employees need to complete to begin or finish their shift, such as opening or closing a retail store. Easyteam’s customer base has been growing rapidly due to its simple design and exceptional customer experience. Employees love the application because it’s simple to use and doesn’t make mistakes.    


Today, when retailers finish the week they have to export all of their time and commission data out of Easyteam and into whatever application they’re using to run payroll. This creates a noticeable break in the seamless experience, and makes the process of paying workers feel clunky. For years, Easyteam's customers have been asking for an easier way to handle payroll, too. Recognizing this pain point, Easyteam saw a compelling opportunity to launch a payroll product that fully integrates with the rich data collected through their time tracking application. The challenge was to develop and implement a payroll solution that could seamlessly tie into the existing system, provide a user-friendly experience, and be rolled out quickly to meet customer demand.


Easyteam partnered with Salsa to bring their payroll vision to life. Salsa’s experienced and hands-on team worked closely with Easyteam throughout the development process, ensuring that the new payroll product was tailored to meet specific needs of retailers and integrate seamlessly with the existing platform. This collaboration was essential in navigating the complexities of ensuring all of Easyteam’s time tracking elements would flow directly into the payroll flow so customers could eliminate the manual work of running payroll. 

“Salsa’s team understood our urgency and unique product requirements. They’ve been a partner, not a vendor. Their flexibility and hands-on development allowed us to launch a revolutionary payroll service quickly and effectively.” - Harel Ishay, CEO, Easyteam

Salsa’s architecture offered unparalleled flexibility, allowing Easyteam to implement innovative features without being constrained by typical platform limitations. This flexibility allowed Easyteam to develop a payroll system that felt like it was truly built into Easyteam, and leverage  the extensive time and attendance data they already collected, essentially eliminating all the manual steps of running payroll for their customers. The ability to quickly adapt and scale the solution was instrumental in meeting the high demand and launching the product ahead of schedule.

“Our goal was to create a payroll product that seamlessly integrates with our time tracking system, providing a simple and efficient solution for our users –  without committing endless engineering resources. With Salsa, we were able to turn that vision into reality quickly and effectively. Demand from our current customers has been high and our partnership with Salsa helped us design the right product for our use case.” - Yaniv Gerber, COO, Easyteam

For the retailers, Easyteam has become more than a time tracking tool; it’s now a full workforce solution that takes care of scheduling, commissions, time and attendance, checklists - - and now, payroll. 

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