Product Update: July 2023

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August 4, 2023
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We're thrilled to bring you our latest product update for July, packed with enhancements designed to delight your payroll users. Here's a closer look at the new features:

New Employer Profile component. Today we’re launching a new embeddable component that allows employers to access and change their payroll details and settings effortlessly, even after the onboarding process. This means you can add a profile and setting section of your app without building the UI, saving you time and giving your employers an easier experience to control their payroll settings.  The best part? You have the flexibility to customize it to display only the data you need. For example, if your app already handles bank account info elsewhere, you can hide the bank section of the profile to keep things neat and streamlined. With the Employer Profile component, you can provide a user-friendly solution that simplifies your users' payroll management tasks. 

Employer Profile component

Introducing our new Worker Payment API. This API allows a complete payroll run to be attached to a single worker payment, which is actually a pretty seismic shift in the payroll world: no longer does payroll have to be a batch of workers all getting processed at the same time. Now any payment can be a complete payroll run! This API enables functionality never before possible, such as triggering a worker’s payroll run as soon as she clocks out of her shift. 

We understand that payroll apps come in various shapes and sizes, each tailored to meet specific user needs. Whether you're building for a payroll admin managing a batch of worker payments every two weeks or an application designed for immediate, single-worker payments, our goal is to provide the right tools to make payroll faster to launch.

  • If your app involves reviewing inputs and paying workers in batches, our well-established Payroll Run API is the ideal choice, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for managing multiple worker payments simultaneously
  • In scenarios where inputs are pre-validated and approved or where you want to trigger payments as soon as workers clock out, our all-new Worker Payment API is your go-to solution. This API simplifies the process of managing single worker payments without the complexities of a full Payroll Run, providing a streamlined experience for immediate payouts

Example request to create a worker payment

Worker Payment Alerts are now Available in REST APIs. Building on the success of our June update, we've extended the availability of alerts to our REST APIs. This improvement simplifies the integration process, making it easier for developers to detect and address errors seamlessly. With alerts now accessible in our Payroll Run and Worker Payment APIs, you can continue to craft exceptional payroll solutions with confidence, ensuring a smoother experience for employers running payroll.

Example of a payroll run object with a blocker

These updates are a testament to our commitment to making building payroll a breeze, offering you the tools and flexibility to create payroll solutions that align with your unique requirements. 

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