Product Update: March 2024

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April 8, 2024
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🚀At Salsa, we're committed to delivering modern infrastructure that empowers our partners to thrive in a competitive payroll landscape. This month, we focused on reducing operational overhead. We're excited to share enhancements designed to drive sustainable growth in your payroll business.

Ability for Employers to Unconfirm Payroll Run. Experience enhanced flexibility in payroll management with the ability for employers to cancel recently confirmed payroll runs. This empowers employers to rectify small mistakes independently, reducing the need for costly customer support escalations to correct confirmed payroll runs. This feature is available for partners using the Employer Dashboard Component or the Run Payroll Component. For those not using our components, it is accessible through our GraphQL advanced API

Payroll run cancellation within the payroll run flow
Payroll run cancellation in the payroll run view

Micro Deposit Verification Visibility: Easily track the status of employer bank verification through our partner dashboard. View details such as the initiation, settlement, and status of micro-deposits, streamlining your response to employer inquiries. This feature empowers customer support teams to handle escalations efficiently and ensures a smoother onboarding process for employers. It is available as part of the Employer Profile, in the Bank Account Details card.  

Reverse Look-Up for Bank Names. Now, effortlessly identify the bank associated with a bank account in the routing number within the bank details section. Catch potential errors during routing number capture and gain insights for resolving payment disbursement issues. This enhancement underscores our commitment to simplifying employer sign-ups and reducing operational overhead.

Bank account details include the associated bank name

Access to Money Movement Lead Time. Gain visibility into the effective money movement lead time associated with each employer directly from the partner dashboard's employer overview screen. This accessibility facilitates customer support's handling of escalations effectively. Partners can also easily adjust default money movement lead times to adapt to evolving needs, ensuring flexibility while supporting customer support teams.

Easy access to the employer lead time in the dashboard

Customer support teams love these features because they can reduce escalations and streamline processes, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for employers and workers alike. We are excited to continue helping our customers grow their payroll businesses sustainably. 

Stay ahead of the curve with Salsa's latest updates, designed to give you a competitive edge and ensure a smoother operational journey. Let's drive growth together!

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