Product Update: February 2024

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March 6, 2024
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Introducing our February Product Update! Discover the latest enhancements designed to elevate the payroll experience you offer to your customers:

Employer Documents Component. Access essential payroll-related documents and upload required files with our new Employer Documents Component. Partners can now provide employers easy access to tax documents and facilitate document collection for KYB verifications or credit risk management. This integration enriches the employer experience and reduces customer support escalations. Learn more in our documentation

Worker document component allowing employers to upload files  

Embedded Worker Onboarding.
Now, developers can choose between Embedded or Hosted options for Worker Onboarding. With Embedded mode, seamlessly integrate the component into your app using Salsa.js. Alternatively, opt for Hosted mode for a standalone experience under a Salsa URL. Both options offer full customization and real-time webhook notifications, providing partners with enhanced flexibility and streamlining the onboarding process.

Improvements for managing Worker Termination. We've enhanced visibility for terminated workers with clear indicators. We've added a small icon next to terminated workers' names in embedded components and the dashboard. Additionally, a webhook notification for worker terminations enables partners to stay informed about termination status changes. These enhancements simplify worker management, allowing employer and customer support users to spot terminated workers quickly without accessing individual worker profiles.

Example of webhook notification for worker termination
Worker termination indicator accompanied of termination details

Stay ahead of incumbents with these powerful updates designed to optimize payroll operations and enhance user satisfaction.

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