🚀 Exciting News in our August 2023 Update!

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September 4, 2023
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We're back with another exciting product update, and this time, we are introducing features that will elevate your payroll game even further. Here's a closer look at the new changes:

Partner Dashboard. Managing a payroll business requires a modern, feature-rich back-office. Our all-new Partner Dashboard empowers developers to interact with payroll data during integration, while providing operations teams access to payroll accounts and data. This single app offers a seamless transition between sandbox and production, speeding up integration and onboarding. Plus, it simplifies ongoing support for production customers. 

New Salsa Dashboard

Worker Paystream API Enhancements. Our commitment to streamlining worker data synchronization continues with significant enhancements to the Worker Paystream API. We've expanded the API to include new fields, such as worker bank account details, hire date, and worker classification within the Upsert Worker Input. Say goodbye to complex data orchestration; now you can efficiently update all worker data with a single API call.

New embeddable component: Worker Profile. Following the release of the employer profile, we are introducing the Worker Profile, another versatile component designed to manage and access worker data with ease. Post-onboarding, employers can effortlessly handle employee and contractor data. This component offers the same flexibility as our other components, allowing you to disable sections that aren't needed. If you're already managing personal worker information, customize the Worker Profile to display only the data that makes sense to your app. You can find more details in the API reference

Worker Profile component

New Employer Terms of Service (TOS) Management. We've listened to your feedback and understand that not every product wants to display terms of service during onboarding. Now, you have the flexibility to bundle various TOS into a single package leveraging our APIs. Our Employer Paystream API allows you to manage TOS acceptance as part of the employer creation process, bypassing it in the onboarding flow. Take control of how you manage terms of service acceptance and let us know if you have more feedback. 

Request including the TOS acceptance

These updates underscore our commitment to providing you with powerful tools to enhance your payroll product. We look forward to seeing how these features make your payroll experience even more efficient and user-friendly!

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