December Product Update

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Salsa Team
December 30, 2022
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We hope this update finds you well as we get ready to end the year. December was a busy month: we shipped an average of one release per day! As we come up for air, we’re thrilled to share a few updates on our APIs, embeddable UI, and jurisdiction coverage. These changes are another step toward making payroll even more flexible and configurable for your needs. 

As always, we value your input and are always looking for ways to improve our product. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions.

Here is a list of our new features:

Easily create off-cycle payroll runs. While employers typically pay workers on a consistent schedule, there are situations where employers have to make a one-off payment outside of their recurrent schedule. It could be for a new hire or a worker leaving the company that cannot wait until the next cycle. It is essential to support this flow and allow users to select the workers that have to be paid. To make it easier for our partners, we have added support for off-cycle payroll runs to our embeddable UI, and also enhanced our API to support off-cycle without workarounds. 

Our Worker Payslip API simplifies creating your own worker portal. Workers need easy access to their payslips after each payroll run. A worker portal is an effective alternative to sending payslips via email attachments, as it improves engagement and enhances the worker experience. This new feature allows you to easily integrate payslips into your platform. This makes sorting, filtering, and paginating worker payslips effortless. Our API includes the ability to generate temporary and secure URLs to allow workers to download compliance PDF-payslips with no development effort.

A new type of user token designed for workers. While the existing employer admin token grants access to data across all workers within a given company, there may be instances where access to data is required for just a single worker. The new worker user token grants access to data exclusively for the specified worker used during token creation. This feature can be particularly useful for embedding a worker-only user interface, such as our embeddable worker payslips UI. 

Canadian payroll is now available in beta. Many partners are working hard to serve businesses across many jurisdictions, and they want a single platform to power their payroll needs. We are launching support for British Columbia and Ontario and plan to expand to other provinces in the near future. By leveraging our Canadian payroll engine, partners can simplify their payroll operations and better serve businesses across multiple countries. 

ACH transaction descriptions are now fully customizable. As we continue to improve our money movement infrastructure; one small but impactful change includes fully configurable transaction labels for ACH credits and debits. Now, the debit for a payroll run from an employer’s account will be customized to your/partner name. This helps employers easily recognize ACH charges on their bank statements, which will drive confidence and reduce support tickets.

Happy New Year!

The Salsa Team

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