April Product Update

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May 1, 2023
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We're excited to share our latest product update for April, highlighting new features that make it even easier for you to offer payroll services to your customers. Here are the highlights:

Expanded support for overtime calculations. Following the positive feedback we received for our automatic overtime calculations feature in California, we're pleased to announce that we've extended this functionality to 30 new states. By leveraging our powerful payroll engine, you can now provide overtime calculations for your customers without the need to implement complicated payroll rules. Instead, send Salsa the hours worked by an employee, and we will handle the rest.

New developer documentation portal. Clear and comprehensive developer documentation is critical to your success. That's why we've completely rebuilt our developer portal to provide an even better experience. Our new tutorials are designed to help developers get up and running in minutes, and we've added deep dive guides for folks seeking additional information. Additionally, our REST APIs are now all described in an Open API specification, making it easier for developers to learn and use our reference guides. Let us know if you want to check out our new doc site at docs.salsa.dev.  

Added support for cash tips. Our new cash tips feature allows employers to process tips paid outside of your software and stay compliant with tax regulations. Simply, an employer can add the cash tip compensation during the payroll run and Salsa will automatically apply the proper withholding rules, generate accurate filings, and automatically add the offsetting deduction to calculate the correct net pay for workers - no more workarounds. This feature can be enabled for your platform in seconds, and we are proactively contacting partners that may benefit from it. Don't hesitate to contact our payroll experts if you have any questions.

API for Worker and Employer mock onboarding. We understand the importance of streamlining the payroll integration process, and are always looking for ways to make Salsa easier to build with. Our new mock onboarding APIs enable developers to quickly create test data, allowing you to get Employers and Workers ready to be paid in seconds. This allows you to focus your efforts on critical workflows like running payroll when first building your integration. Note that while our normal Onboarding APIs trigger an actual onboarding flow, Mock Onboarding is designed only to generate test data. This functionality is currently available only in the Sandbox environment.

We hope you find these new features helpful as you continue to offer top-notch payroll services to your customers. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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