May Product Update

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June 1, 2023
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It’s already time to bring you the latest product update for May, packed with new features that will further enhance your payroll services. Here's a closer look at what's new:

Enhanced employer onboarding experience. We're excited to introduce a new embeddable component for employer onboarding. With this new version, employers have the flexibility to add onboarding data at their own pace, choosing the order of data entry to reduce friction. We think you’ll love the flow because it’s based on a lot of hands-on research and feedback we’ve gotten over the years, and we humbly think your employers are going to love it! We're providing an API that allows developers to effortlessly launch this UI experience inside your platform, providing a smooth way to collect employers' data. Check out our use case guide to see how you can easily integrate this new onboarding UI.

New Employer Onboarding

Improvements in the employer Paystream API. We're excited to announce enhancements to our employer Paystream API, aimed at streamlining data synchronization between your platform and Salsa. With our updated API, you can now seamlessly integrate additional employer data, including bank information and work locations. By leveraging this feature, you'll be able to save valuable time for employers during onboarding and ensure data consistency between systems. Our goal is to provide you with an intuitive and efficient API solution that simplifies payroll management and enhances your overall experience.

Introducing the new Worker Payments List component. Designed with workers in mind, you can effortlessly embed this component into your worker portal and provide them with convenient access to their paystubs. The component offers a comprehensive summary of all worker payments, allowing them to view and download PDF versions of their paystubs with ease. Whether you have contractors or employees, this component caters to both. Simply utilize a user token (Worker role) and the worker ID to integrate this functionality into your platform.

Code required to launch the component

Worker Payment List component

New API to update a Worker Payment. We added a new operation to our PayrollRun REST API - the ability to update an individual Worker Payment using PATCH operations. This new feature empowers developers to easily override compensation and deduction amounts, exclude specific workers, and change payment methods without the need to send the entire payroll run data. It's especially beneficial for processing payroll runs with a large number of workers, as it streamlines data exchange and simplifies the development of custom payroll run experiences.

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